Egg prices continue to rise as supply decreases (includes video story)

Anyone who has been grocery shopping lately has probably noticed that the prices of eggs have skyrocketed. There are fewer eggs and prices are up nearly 60 percent in the last year. Customers are not happy.  

“I think it’s ridiculous for it to be that much — that much of a jump,” said customer Shantel Roldan. 

Egg prices in South Florida have risen $7 since last November and the Avian flu is to blame. Nearly 58 million birds have died across 47 states in the last year as a result of the deadly virus. As prices have increased, people are shining a light on the crisis on social media and making jokes about the chickens.  

“I’ve seen the jokes all over my feed,” said South Florida resident Sabrina Larsh. “I find them really funny, and I think it’s really amusing that people like them.” 

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