Electric scooters have been reintroduced with new restrictions (includes video story)

In December, some electric scooter rentals ceased in Miami. Now it has been almost a month since they were reintroduced with new rules.

One rider is allowed per scooter. Users must follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines, and they must ride in bike lanes when possible.

Scooter enthusiast Gary Stephen Arias said the regulations are a necessity.

“I love scooters,” he said. “I own a scooter so I know how dangerous they can be. As a matter of fact, yes, I think the rules and the new regulations should be a requirement.”

No one under 18 is permitted to rent a scooter. Companies can be fined up to $250.

Rasheeda King is undecided on the scooter restrictions, but believes they might not be stringent enough when it comes to young people riding despite the age requirement.

“It is a good thing and not a good thing, because you have underage people who do not like to watch out for cars.”

King believes that minors who want to ride should require adult supervision. 

“They should have a rule where they have someone above 18 with them, for safety precautions and everything,” she added.


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