Employees feel they have no choice but to risk going to work (includes video story)

Work has returned to almost normal for many as Florida has reopened. This has meant more risk for employees who interact with customers. Forever 21 and Bulla Gastrobar are two businesses in two industries with one common issue: the possible exposure of the COVID-19 virus. 

Some employees were given the option not to go back, but different reasons made them return to work. 

“Like I’m sitting at home doing nothing just playing games all day. . . I might as well go back and try to get, you know, some money out of it,” said Fabrizzio Pesce, a waiter at Bulla. 

While some are doing it for convenience, others don’t have many options. “I do want to work because I have to pay rent and everything even if it is scary,” said Forever 21 manager Maria Maldonado.

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