Two female entrepreneurs prepare for their first fashion show (includes video story)

Two young entrepreneurs, ​​Vine Aduara and Sahara Lottersberger, joined forces to host the VSL Fashion Show, in partnership with Sense N’ Style Magazine and Sahara Lottersberger Academia. In their first such effort, they hope to build a community that values collaboration over competition, bringing together designers, photographers, makeup artists, and models.

The VSL Fash event will showcase their spring and summer collection tonight, June 7, from 6:30 to 10 at AlmaRosa Brickell.

Aduara owns Sense N’ Style Magazine and Lottersberger owns a modeling academy that bears her name. Their passion for fashion and business inspired them to form a business partnership.

“This collection makes me proud as I have dedicated one month of my time to create designs that are out of the ordinary for this fashion show,” said designer Ruben Dario.

Their vision is to create a platform for showcasing innovative and diverse designs. In the future, they plan to expand the reach and scale of the project, and to offer fresh and exciting experiences.

Ana Paula Mayorga, born and raised in Venezuela, is a senior majoring in Communications Broadcast Media and minoring in Business Marketing. She currently works as a content creator and spokesperson for brands in the beauty industry. Her goal after graduation is to work as a TV host for live entertainment shows.