Europe is opening for travel, but cruises in Florida may be limited (includes video story)

Some European nations are opening to vaccinated plane travelers and cruise ship customers.

Passengers willing to go to Europe will have to carry a green pass that proves they are fully vaccinated. Experts have said people eager to travel should do research as each country has unique  COVID-19 restrictions.

Florida’s cruise industry hasn’t been allowed to check if passengers are vaccinated. In fact, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order prevents all businesses from requiring proof of vaccination in the state. This has prompted Norwegian Cruise Lines to retaliate, threatening to stop sailing in the state.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said this could lead to thousands of job losses across the industry and will impact tourism. One of her main concerns is that other cruise ship companies will stop sailing to Florida ports.

“I do not understand why the governor would want to tie the hands of private business… we can not afford to have this domino effect,” the Miami-Dade Mayor said.

Andre Wixon is Boston-born and a proud New Englander who found his way to FIU to major in broadcast journalism and study political science. He reports the latest news stories for the Caplin News news show, Newsbreak.