Exploring the five love languages (includes multimedia content)

“The Five Love Languages” was written in 1992 by Gary Chapman to show the ways people tend to express and experience romantic love. But the term has become something more than that. Love languages can mean many different things to different people and can differ according to culture, sexuality, and so many other phenomena.

How have love languages aged since people even knew what they were called? How much do we know about them now? How do we express them now? Does it relate to everyone? There’s much to learn and so many factors that go into something that seems relatively new to us now. 

This project tells this multi-faceted story in, well, a multi-faceted way — through a documentary, a 360-degree video and a podcast.

Here’s a short introduction to the five love languages and what they would look like in day-to-day life. Love can be experienced with a partner, a family member, or even a friend. The five love languages help establish how you show the people closest to you that you love them.

This 360-degree will allow you to experience various points of view of gift shopping for a loved one. To change the POV, use the circle with embedded arrows at the top left.

“Love Talk with Elijah Pestana” is a podcast that includes interviews with guests who bring knowledge, opinions and experience in the five love languages. This episode’s guest is Eileen Grove, a South Florida psychotherapist who helps us to better understand how the love languages affect married couples, families, and platonic relationships.

Kenya Cardonne is a senior at Florida International University majoring in Digital Communications + Multimedia Production with a Minor in Art. She enjoys producing all forms of art including film and photography while aspiring to grow in the T.V. industry.

A Brazilian-American and Miami native, Elijah Pestana is pursuing his undergraduate degree in broadcast media and digital communication at FIU. He uses his knowledge within the performing arts, television , politics and higher education to pursue his deep passion for storytelling and entertaining others. He aspires to become a late-night talk show host, combining his gift of comedy and love for journalism to promote media literacy for future generations.

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