FIU in DC hosts election night panel (includes video story)

The FIU Talent Lab in Washington, D.C. hosted an election night panel with advocates and academics from both sides of the political aisle to track election results and bring some on-the-spot analysis.  

 “I like that the trend is that we are coming together to watch our political landscape evolve, shift, and change,” said Remmington Belford, the Communications Director of the Congressional Black Caucus. “So, I think— my hope is that this is getting more popular because people are being more communicative around this crucial and hallowed aspect of our democracy.” 

The stakes of this year’s midterm election were higher than ever as analysts focused on the key races that would determine the balance of power in Congress and how dozens of ballot measures turned out. 

Charlyn Stanberry from the National Association of Broadcasters spoke on the importance of participating in the democratic process.  

“So right now, it’s not just about making sure you go vote and turn in your ballot, now it’s about seeing and watching it as things progress,” she said. “What are the key issues and trends that come out of what voters wanted to see?” 

Inflation is one of the most pressing issues for Florida voters. Both Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio, who have spoken out on the matter, won re-election.  

Some races are so close that results may take several days to be finalized.  

Lidia Delgado is a senior pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Digital Communications and Media with a concentration in English. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a career in the digital journalism field.