FIU inaugurates new D.C. offices, including SFMN bureau (includes video story)

FIU will soon be officially debuting its offices in Washington, D.C. Located just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol building, the new space is expansive, with spaces for FIU students, alumni and visitors to connect.

Carlos Becerra is FIU’s associate vice president of governmental relations and a leader of the FIU in D.C. initiative. 

“It’s our 50th anniversary on September 14,” he told SFMN. “[But] this is about the future, and the new facility is about increasing engaged academic experiences for our students.”

FIU announced its launch of the D.C. offices in 2016 but it had been working on a presence in the nation’s capital for longer. A major part of the D.C. facility is to allow FIU to convene with key federal officials and foster collaborations with other universities, as well as provide a space for FIU students in D.C. to feel that they are in a home away from home. 

When asked about the importance of FIU’s presence in D.C. and the value that students can gain as a part of these programs, Becerra said, “The internship opportunities that exist here in Washington don’t exist in Miami. Whether or not they end up living and working permanently in Washington, what a better life-changing opportunity to understand what happens in D.C.”

The bureau will be built upon the success of the past 20 years of effort that FIU faculty, students and partners have put forth in having a permanent presence in Washington. The office’s official debut will be announced soon. In the meantime, Caplin News student reporters work in a bureau covering Congress, the president, both national and international stories, and more.

Victoria Duran is an FIU student majoring in Marketing and Interactive+Digital Media at Florida International University. She is passionate, creative, and hopes to pursue a career in the marketing industry.