Five best Foodie Tik Tok accounts in South Florida

During the pandemic, one social media platform has taken the internet by storm: TikTok.

The video-sharing and social-networking app has had people all over the world scrolling and giggling for hours. Viral trends have included everything from dance routines to out-of-the-box recipes and even mini-travel vlogs. And now that COVID-19 cases have declined, people are ready to hang up their chef aprons and finally have a meal at a restaurant.

South Florida is known for its melting pot of cultures and some of the best local eateries in the state. Many foodie influencers document their experiences and let you know about the spots most worth a visit. Here are the best TikTok accounts to follow when you’re searching for a restaurant unique to South Florida. Hope you’re hungry! You just might drool on your screen.


Content creators Tatiana Rodriguez and Kobie Simmons managed to go viral with their delicious posts on @weeatfoodsoflo. (Screenshot from TikTok)

Tatiana Rodriguez and Kobie Simmons

Talk about the foodie dream team. With around 52,400 followers and one million likes on TikTok, couple Tatiana Rodriguez and Kobie Simmons started their account in the middle of the pandemic. This couple looks for the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants that the average tourist might miss during a South Florida visit. They have reviewed places such as 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood and the plant-based ice cream food truck called Angie’s Epicurean. Both Rodriguez and Simmons narrate their videos and give viewers advice on what to order. This account definitely removes the hassle when you’re looking for a new spot to eat.

GG Chusan poses with a bouquet of churros at Chica Miami .(Courtesy of GG Chusan)

GG Chusan

This next content creator has all of the “foodie vibes” you’re looking for when exploring South Florida’s best eats. GG Chusan, 24, began her food journey on TikTok about a year ago. It all started when Chusan posted about the food she got at a drive-thru fair in July 2020.

She stopped by the South Florida Fair and noticed they were only allowing the public to order their fair foods via drive-thru due to the pandemic. She landed half a million views on that post and gained 10,000 followers. Chusan now has an audience of 53,800 followers and close to 1 million likes. Some of her recent finds include an international snack shop in West Palm Beach called Petez Pop that serves international foods. She also reviewed Cheetos from four countries — Australia, South Korea, Japan and the United States.

“I think what keeps my viewers glued to my account is that I always try to bring something different. I will drive 2-4 hours just to try out a new spot,” said Chusan.

Rachel Cameron biting into a dish from the Poor Porker. (Courtesy of Rachel Cameron)

Rachel Cameron

With almost 10,000 followers on TikTok, Rachel Cameron has kept her audience entertained with a plethora of food tastings. This South Florida foodie tries cuisine from local spots such as Java and Jam in Fort Lauderdale, which serves fruity pebbles cereal milk topped with a pop tart, and Don Manuel’s in Hollywood, who sells yummy birria tacos and strawberry horchata. Cameron showcases tasty dishes from hidden local gems and continues to dominate the Miami foodie scene with over 160,000 likes.

George Arango, aka Mr.Eats305, enjoying a deep dish pepperoni pizza. (Courtesy of George Arango)

George Arango aka Mr.Eats305

George Arango, a.k.a @Mr.Eats305, is a Miami foodie with over one million likes and 60,000 followers. He has made a name for himself by showcasing Miami cuisine and the city’s best local deals. He did a pizza giveaway on Cinco de Mayo; who doesn’t like free pizza!? Mr.Eats305 also has a series on finding the best croquetas. This is just another way he keeps his audience engaged with his food adventures around Miami.

Food influencer dives into various cuisines, giving his audience nothing but options. (Screenshot from TikTok)

Josiah Eats

Josiah is a South Florida foodie who creates content for all taste buds. On TikTok, he has almost 75,000 followers and nearly one million likes. Josiah does food tasting videos and segments like how to eat around the world in South Florida and the region’s best food trucks for tacos and street corn. One exotic meal that he tried was Korean fried chicken. These dishes can tease the taste buds of a viewer who wants to try something new and exotic.

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