Five best parks for dogs in Kendall

Kendall has a tremendous number of excellent parks for families, but some are better than others for our furry companions. This list highlights some of the best dog parks in the area including Dadeland, South Miami and Largo Mar. This list also identifies how these parks cater to dogs, when they are open, how much space they have and how nice they are for owners. All are fun for canines and their owners at the same time.

West Kendall District Park (Christopher Rodriguez/SFMN)

West Kendall District Park
1255 SW 157th Ave.
Miami, FL 33196
Open daily from sunrise to sunset

This is a fantastic place to take your dog. It has two large open spaces where they can run and play. There are sections for large and small ones. That allows owners to feel safe letting their pets roam free in different areas. There are a bunch of different ramps and other amusements where they can run, jump and interact with others. Just be careful if your pet is anything like mine. They might not know how to use all the toys and accidentally run headfirst into the side of the ramp. This park also has a nice, shaded area perfect for owners. It is one of the only facilities with a bathroom for owners.

Dadeland Dog Park (Christopher Rodriguez/SFMN)

Dadeland Dog Park 
8250 SW 72nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33143
Open 24 hours a day

This is a very nice and extremely well-maintained facility. This park is on the smaller side but the atmosphere is excellent. The whole place is covered, so both you and your dog can get shade. There are plenty of ways to interact and have fun. This is also a great place for owners as it’s a block away from Dadeland Mall, but out of the way enough to avoid the traffic. This is a very pretty and centrally located park that is a great place to visit.

South Miami Dog Park (Christopher Rodriguez/SFMN)

South Miami Dog Park
6380 SW 78th St.
South Miami, FL 33143

This is a very cute but small place with great facilities for play. There are many toys and ramps to tire them out. It only has one area, so be careful if you have a small dog. There is also a great water fountain that can help keep you and your pet hydrated on those scorching hot summer days. It has a nice gazebo for owners to sit and watch. While the park is very nice and maintained, there is very little parking nearby. It is currently closed for maintenance but is scheduled to reopen on June 29.

Tropical Park (Christopher Rodriguez/SFMN)

Tropical Park
7900 SW 82nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33155
Open daily from sunrise to sunset

This place has something for everyone, from baseball to hiking. The dog park has great space to run freely,  jump on ramps and even pose for a picture in a portrait cutout. There are benches and shade to help keep you cool as you watch the excitement. There are bathrooms in Tropical Park but they are a bit out of the way. There is also a great view of a lake and the park so you can take in the sites. This is a great location to hang out and let your dog romp.

Largo Mar Park (Christopher Rodriguez/SFMN)

Lago Mar Park
8165 SW 162nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33193
Open daily from sunrise to sunset

Largo Mar Park is a great park for families. There are basketball courts, a playground and a spacious dog park. There aren’t ramps, but it offers a lot of space to play catch or run around. The area has great shade to keep cool in the summer months. There are benches, so it’s easy to hang out and watch over your dog simultaneously. There is also a great view. My dog, Scooter, loves to watch people play basketball and runs along the fence chasing the ball like he is the next Air bud.

Christopher Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami and is a Digital journalism major and a senior at FIU. Rodriguez loves film and entertainment in Miami and hopes to pursue those passions through journalism.