Five students representing FIU in the coolest ways

Five FIU students have recently represented Florida International University both nationally and internationally. Among the ways: swimming and diving at the Tokyo Olympics, working to save the world on a reality series, and drawing more than a million followers on Instagram while highlighting Miami. 

Luis Moros and Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes

Luis Moros is a sophomore focusing on criminal justice and political science. He is currently studying in Washington, D.C. and aims to enter politics and help solve the Venezuelan crisis. The ambitious 19-year-old is currently playing a lead role in the new reality-documentary series “4 Days to Save the World,” where he works alongside entrepreneurs, CEOs, and potential investors to solve world hunger. 

“Being able to make a change in the community through this TV show is actually something that is close to my heart,” said Moros. “I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

Sophia Emperatriz Jaimes, a junior studying international relations, also a star on “4 Days to Save the World.” The 19-year-old also volunteers with a non-profit organization known as Dale Start Smart that helps kids in underprivileged communities obtain resources to strengthen their education. Jaimes’ parents immigrated from Venezuela in 1998, and used all they had to fund her education.

“I would watch my parents work since they could not afford daycare for me, and they would always tell me either we have a house or you have a great education,” said Jaimes. “They’ve always inspired me to study to the best of my ability in order to create a better future.” 

Maha Gouda and Elinah Phillip

Maha Gouda, a junior majoring in public relations, advertising and applied communications represented Egypt on the diving platform at the Tokyo Olympics. Gouda made her debut at the summer 2016 games in Rio where she placed 24th in the same event. The 23-year-old was born in Alexandria, Egypt.  

Elinah Phillip, a junior in the pre-dentistry track, competed as a swimmer in women’s freestyle. Representing the British Virgin Islands, Phillip was one of two flag bearers during the opening ceremony of this year’s Olympics. Phillip also made her debut at the summer 2016 games in Rio. “Being a part of the Tokyo games has boosted my confidence as an individual and an athlete,” said Phillip. “Since working with my coach, Brien Moffitt and being a part of FIU swim and dive, I’ve also grown to love and trust the process that goes into having a great race.”

Daniela Thoelke

FIU senior Daniela Thoelke along with her partner Miguel Zuleta (also pictured), an alumnus of St.Thomas University, started the Instagram account @lifestyle_miami (linked above) back in March 2014. With over 1 million followers, the account showcases the beauty of Miami by showing local restaurants, beaches, and true Miami culture. Photos and memes of random videos such as a red and blue spiderman car are shared on the page. The social media page has been an outlet for non-profit organizations, small local businesses, and anyone in need of resources due to the economic and social stresses brought by the pandemic.

Yansall Rasquides is a junior majoring in journalism. Her Venezuelan background inspires her to write and report while giving a platform for people to speak their truths.