Five-year-old little leaguer dances way to plate (includes video story)

Who knew a five-year-old little leaguer’s dance moves could brighten millions of faces.

Ben Sadlowski showed a number of impressive dance moves as he walked to the plate to bat in his little league game in Manteca, California, east of San Francisco, earlier this month.   

“Every last game we do a walk-out song for each player,” said his mother, Monica Sadlowski. “I wasn’t expecting him to do all that but it’s not uncommon for him. That’s his own thing. He’s just a goofy guy.”

The routine was even more impressive when, after the moves, Ben hit a strong single to left field.

Monica has received millions of comments on social media following the video.

“And everybody is just like, ‘Man I was having a really bad day and that just made my day so much better,’ and I’m just like, ‘Man, that’s awesome,'” she said.

Geraghty Skinner is a senior in the journalism program at FIU.