Florida residents advised to financially prepare before hurricane season (includes video story)

Tomorrow marks two weeks before the 2024 hurricane season begins. It’s important that Floridians both physically and financially prepare.

Shannon Martin of Bankrate says South Floridians should prepare for potential disasters by battening down their financial hatches:”For your insurance, you should speak with your agent and make sure to inquire about any coverage gaps depending on where you live.”

This spring brought severe weather across the U.S., with at least 200 confirmed tornadoes over more than two weeks. 

Julian Davis is a student at Florida International University, pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. Julian is Jamaican-American and is passionate about photography and the environment, always looking for a way to inspire others about the same. He currently works as a photographer for the school newspaper, PantherNOW. After graduation, Julian aspires to do investigative journalism focusing on environmental corruption.