Florida tops all other states in January 6th suspects (includes video story)

Florida leads the nation in the number of people charged in the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol. A total of 91 Floridians face prosecution in connection with the insurrection in 2021.

Meanwhile, the U.S. House committee investigating the attack continues to present evidence in a series of hearings. Today is the expected testimony behind closed doors of former Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone.

While many have called former senior aide Cassidy Hutchison’s recent testimony about Trump’s actions that day “damning,” some Sunshine State Republicans are not swayed.

“I think there’s also a little bit of a fishing expedition as well,” said Florida resident Jason Tom.

While some Florida Republicans question the politics behind the January 6th hearings, others consider it is important to watch them with an open mind.

“I think we all need to know that information … people are not well informed,” expressed Irena Larose, who once considered herself a Republican. “I don’t think the Trump movement is the right movement for our country. I’d like to see a more moderate Republican.”

Although former President Trump remains popular with the GOP base, there are some signs Florida Governor DeSantis is making gains in a possible presidential run, according to polls. Even some of Trump’s supporters are open to a new face.

 “I moved to Florida because of DeSantis. I think if DeSantis ran and picked the right partner, he would win,” said Joseph Bush, a Republican.

Member of the House panel hold their next public hearing Tuesday.  Florida Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy is expected to be one of the lead questioners.  

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