Florida’s bizarre weather continues causing damage to homes (includes video story)

Northern Florida experienced three bizarre weather events within 24 hours. The first was wind-driven hail, with hailstones as large as softballs. This caused significant property damage from north Florida to Southern Texas.

Chris Sorbin, a Melbourne resident, said, “We lost half of our the top to our lanai and our gutters on both sides and I have some windows broken in the back and hail damage to my car.”

One middle school’s courtyard was buried in hail that resembled a blanket of snow. A bull in Texas attempted to escape the hailstorm and found safety. On the same day, a 33-year-old tourist in Panama City Beach was critically injured by a lightning strike, and a tornado touched down in the town of Hosford, destroying dozens of homes in its path.

The weather events caused power outages and debris, prompting authorities to urge residents to stay off the roads.

Aquiles Barreto is a Junior Majoring in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications, with a concentration in broadcasting. He has a passion for all types of visual media, whether it be film, television, or news. In the future he hopes to be a video editor for major productions.