Florida college students discuss restrictions at their universities (includes video story)

When the 2020 fall semester for college students began across the country, many were still wondering how secure and contained things would be in the wake of the pandemic. With many states opening back up from a lockdown over the summer, some still feel concerned about the chances of contracting COVID-19.

Andrew Naylor, the senior housing director at Florida International University, helped plan the restrictions put in place during fall semester, including the closure of lounges and determining where students would go if they tested positive for COVID-19. He was also behind the idea of randomized testing for students who stay on campus. This will  be required of all students staying on campus in the 2021 spring semester.

One FIU residential student, Roxana De Dios, said things have been fine in the dorms but that everything has definitely been quieter. She believes events can go back to normal as long as procedures such as mask-wearing and social-distancing are properly followed.

A Florida State University student, Spencer Martin, mentioned his registered student organization was made inactive by the pandemic. He hasn’t been able to hold events due to the many restrictions that have been implemented. He mentioned that the higher-ups plan to have 80% of dorms filled at FSU for the spring semester.

At FIU dorms planned to be filled at around 70-80%. They are currently at 51%.

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