Food insecurity: FIU’s food pantry (includes podcast)

What is food insecurity? Google’s Find Food Support project defines it as “The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” Many people for centuries have suffered from food insecurity. Why hasn’t there been a change? The problem has worsened since the Pandemic.  

Unfortunately, being a university student can be strenuous because the lack of food, rest, and finances can put a student in a depressive state. But here at Florida International University, we as students have access to a food pantry, which is free.

Our team members Julio Rodríguez, Paola Cammarota, Jaliah Hatcher, and Nicole Sellas, interviewed Christina Harris, an FIU student who works at the food pantry at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

Harris explains how the FIU Food Pantry works, and addresses the issue of “shrinkflation” __the practice of reducing the size or quantity of a product while the price of the product remains the same or increases. In some cases, the term may indicate lowering the quality of a product or its ingredients while the price remains the same. This podcast addresses how it is affecting the quality of the food available to students.

This week we interview Joanna Garcia, who oversees the FIU food pantry

Julio Rodriguez is a Cuban American FIU Student. He is pursuing a bachelor's in Digital TV and Multimedia Production, along with a film certificate. He hopes to work in film and tv production as a writer or director.

Nicole Sellas is an American-Peruvian student. She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s in digital interactive media with a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing. She plans to continue working for American Airlines in her field as a Social Media Manager.

Paola Cammarota is a Venezuelan student and Senior at Florida International University, majoring in Interactive Communication and Media. She is also working on a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. She dreams of continuing her career as a sports journalist or social media manager.