Former Miami Heat dancer Dawn Price hosts a party to benefit Dorian victims

Former Miami Heat dancer Dawn Price hosted a dance party/benefit for the Bahamas this past weekend. Price, who is best known for her sexy choreographs, presented at her monthly event in Little Haiti.

The purpose of her Flash Dance Fridays is usually that women gather, wave their hair, and dance all night. But this one was a little different. Price asked attendees to bring baby necessities and feminine products for Hurricane Dorian victims.

Maria Gomez, Price’s assistant for the event, greeted guests with a smile and later showed them three baskets for their donations. Later, the baskets were not only filled with feminine products and baby food but also toothpaste, toothbrushes and hand soap.

“The donations are going to go to Jackson Memorial Hospital, and they have a rescue mission that is going to the Bahamas,” Price said.

Before the class started, ladies enjoyed complimentary drinks and snacks in a garden-like area. Lucy Miller, who attended the event, said she liked the idea of collecting for the Bahamas and that she felt good just attending.

Dawn Smith, owner of Gold Crown Golf Services who also attended the Friday event, said she wants to help in any way possible. “I visited the Bahamas twice in a year and visited the islands and thought it was so beautiful, to think now that all that stuff is not there is just… so harming.”

After an hour of meeting and greeting, lights went off, and old school music started playing while Price taught a dance.  Later Price gave thanks to everybody in the room for helping the cause. She told them to keep dancing.

Originally from Nicaragua, Maria Grijalva is a senior majoring in journalism at Florida International University. After she graduates, Grijalva wants to pursue her dream of reporting for fashion magazines.