Friedland outraised Mezrahi in Aventura commission race she won

Aventura incumbent Gladys Mezrahi was defeated for reelection to Aventura Commission seat 5 by Rachel S. Friedland, who ran for office for the first time.

Friedland raised $61,357 during the campaign compared to Mezrahi, who reported $40,825 in contributions by the Oct. 30 deadline. The two candidates loaned themselves $20,000 and $6,000, respectively.

Joshua Mandall, another candidate, said he decided not to seek contributions. He finished a distant third.

For both candidates with war chests, about half of the money raised came from contributors within Aventura city limits.

“As I said throughout this campaign, I ran for us, for good. For Aventura,” said Friedland.

For her part, Mezrahi thanked residents.

“I will continue to serve my community in every way possible,” she said.

Mezrahi added that she found the process of raising money for campaigns to be a distraction.

“If it were up to me, I would eliminate the fundraising for the campaign and spend all the money in resources and good programs for our city,” she said.

And Mandall, 24, said he made up for his lack of funding by way of hard work.

“I am investing more in the human side of campaigning going door to door with my own cards, to meet our residents,” said Mandall.

He loaned himself $1,691 for the campaign. That was spent mostly on filing fees.

“Though this time around was not what I expected, this is definitely not the last time you will see me. I will always be here to serve you,” said Mandall.

Gretell Sanchez Perez is a senior student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in broadcast media and minor in e-marketing and social media. She is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and the communication coordinator at the National Association of Journalists. Sanchez hopes to pursue her master’s degree in spanish language journalism and become a reporter/anchor in Miami.