Gaza ceasefire negotiations stall when no agreement is reached (includes video story)

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President Biden presented an Israeli ceasefire proposal last Friday, but so far neither side has accepted it.

The three-phase plan focuses on a ceasefire for six weeks and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza as some hostages are releasing some hostages in phase one. Then, Hamas would release all hostages, while Israel would entirely withdraw from Gaza, making the temporary cease-fire a permanent “cessation of hostilities.” The third stage would include a comprehensive reconstruction and repatriation of the remains of all deceased hostages.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said President Biden mischaracterized the proposal and that the conditions for ending the war have not changed, while Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Wednesday he would demand a permanent end to the war and an Israeli withdrawal as part of the plan.

Pro-Palestinian groups in Washington, D.C. are advocating for a permanent cease-fire and have visited senators to ask them to publicly support the proposal and boycott Netanyahu’s visit to joint a session of Congress, if that occurs.

“We need a permanent cease-fire, but anything, frankly, anything at this point to stop the killing,” said Julia Norman, coordfinator of Codepink’s D.C. Coordinator.

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