Gender-fluid Venezuelan voter in Doral casts first ballot for Bernie Sanders

The threat of COVID-19 will not deter Vin Perez-Milano from voting.

The 2020 election is the first one in which Perez-Milano, a gender-fluid Venezuelan, can cast a ballot as a U.S. citizen. Although safeguards are still underway throughout the county, the 24-year-old is looking forward to his first time in the voting booth.

Perez-Milano, who came years ago with family, lives in Doral.

“It’s probably one of the most important elections I’ll see in my lifetime,” said Perez-Milano. “The importance of exercising my right is what motivates me to turn out for the vote.”

As a registered Democrat, they will be voting for Bernie Sanders, who, they said, is a better candidate.

“The USA lags behind so many other countries in health care, which is why I support Sanders’ Medicare for All,” they said. “Sanders’ stances on so many things, from Medicare for All to wealth inequality, set systems in place to fix these problems.”

Perez-Milano is just one of many who will hit the polls for today’s Florida presidential primary.

As school shutdowns and event postponements continue to arise, Miami-Dade County is taking necessary precautions to prevent spreading at polling locations. Perez-Milano appreciates that.

They also appreciate Sanders’ advocacy for students. “Sanders would cancel student debt, which is definitely what is holding many people our age back from starting careers or seeking out bigger opportunities.

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