Generation Vape: The evolution of vapes and their effects (includes documentary)

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In the digital age, Generation Z faces a new and alarming addiction: electronic vaping. Once hailed as a safer alternative to smoking, these sleek devices have taken over young minds with their enticing flavors and discreet allure. What began as a trend has morphed into a widespread obsession, gripping teenagers in a cloud of nicotine addiction.

This addictive habit has far-reaching effects both physically and mentally. Physically, the inhalation of nicotine-laden vapor has led to respiratory issues and increased heart rates among young users. Mentally, the addictive nature of nicotine has altered behavior patterns, leading to increased impulsivity and mood swings.

Despite the mounting evidence of its harms, many Gen Z individuals find it difficult to break free from the grip of electronic vapes. With a deep understanding of their struggles, this mini-documentary explores the root causes of this addiction and sheds light on the urgent need for education and intervention to protect the health and well-being.

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