Brick by Brick: The challenges of gentrification in South Florida (includes documentary)

South Florida continues to suffer from gentrification, redlining and food deserts.

Redlining was a map tool used in the 1930s to deny housing loans to people of color. However, this practice was later made illegal by the Fair Housing Act in 1968.

Redlining often leads to gentrification, which is the process of transforming poor urban areas by constructing luxury buildings to attract wealthier residents, improving housing and introducing new businesses.

“People are coming at least once a month trying to buy me,” said Willie Williams, a pastor and barber in Overtown. “I say, ‘Before I sell, I will build.'”

Gentrification is a complex issue that impacts not only housing, but also the economic and health of a community. It has the potential to erode the unique history and cultural fabric of a neighborhood.

Due to gentrification and redlining, some areas lack access to nutritious food.

This affects mostly Black people in low-income neighborhoods, which creates food deserts.

Discover the reality of current residents’ situations and gain insights from experts by watching this compelling Brick by Brick documentary.

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