George Santos expulsion resolution referred to Ethics Committee (includes video story)

GOP Rep. George Santos is now under arrest in federal court in Long Island, New York. He is facing 13 criminal counts, which allegedly revolve around three main schemes.

Santos is accused of theft of public funds by collecting enhanced unemployment assistance originally intended for financial relief during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lawmaker is also charged for redirecting campaign donations to his personal accounts, and making false statements to the House of Representatives about his source of income. 

Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia introduced a resolution to expel Santos, but Wednesday evening GOP representatives voted to refer Santos’s possible expulsion to the Ethics Committee.

However, Santos pleaded not guilty on all counts and was released on a $500,000 bond. Despite the arraignment in federal court, the New York congressman told the media that he will go to Washington D.C. to vote on the House Republicans border security bill held today. 

“Look, this is the beginning of the ability for me to address and defend myself. We have an indictment, we have the information that the government wants to come after me on,” said Santos. 

The defense council has agreed to certain conditions of Santos’ bond. He can travel within the continental U.S. so long as he notifies pretrial services beforehand, and will not be required to wear an ankle monitor. The congressman’s next hearing is scheduled for June 30.

Nicole Castañeda is a psychologist and designer double major at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and has a master degree in Clinical Psychology and Logo-therapy. She is currently doing her masters in Spanish Journalism at Florida International University. She is passionate about fashion and journalism and her goal is to be able to work as a reporter in a Latin American channel.