Georgia’s disputed voting law is spreading across the nation like a virus (includes video story)

Almost a month after Georgia drew national fire for passing a voting law that allegedly limits minority voting, most other states are following a similar route.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, lawmakers have introduced 361 restrictive bills in 47 states. The Georgia law shortens the duration of absentee voting, requires absentee voters to produce identification, limits the use of drop boxes and makes it a crime to hand out food or water to voters standing in line. 

While critics say the Peach State measure aims to reduce the turnout of people of color, Republicans like Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, insist it is anything except the criticism it’s receiving.

“The Election Integrity Act expands access to the polls and ensures the integrity at the ballot box,” said Kemp.

However, this new law is catching heat from blockbuster movie stars Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith, who made a statement after moving their production “Emancipation”:

“We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access.”

Major League Baseball announced it will be moving the all-star game from Atlanta to Colorado. Due to this, Cobb estimated an economic loss of about $100 million due to this voting law. Large corporations such as Delta and Coca-Cola have condemned the law as well.


Zitlali Solache is a student in Florida International University, pursuing her Masters degree in Spanish-Language Broadcast Journalism. Zitlali Solache is Mexican American and has a passion for storytelling and news. She has interned for WPBT PBS, WSVN Channel 7 and STEP Univision. After graduation, Zitlali aspires to become a reporter/anchor in her hometown Miami, FL.