Get to know some of the authors featured at the Miami Book Fair

    In collaboration with the Miami Book Fair, which concludes this weekend, our sister magazine Inspicio has interviewed some of the most well-known artists featured during the event. Among them: Sandy Sheehy, Barbara Mailer Wasserman and Charles Blow. 

    The fair has been held online and at the Miami-Dade Wolfson campus at 300 NE 2nd Ave., since Nov. 14. The ticket prices range from $8 to $15, depending on the day and method of purchase. Hours vary depending on the day of the week. The event is coming to an end this weekend, with Sunday the 21st being its final day. 

    For more information, visit Street Fair Hours & Admission.

    Sheehy is a journalist who has published several books on human relationships and the natural environment. Two of her most popular books are “Texas Big Rich: Exploits, Eccentricities and Fabulous Fortunes Won and Lost” and “Connecting: The Enduring Power of Female Friendship.”

    Sheehy doesn’t consider herself an expert in the topics she writes about; Instead, she prefers to learn a bit about multiple subjects. “One of the things I learned in graduate school… is that I didn’t really want to drill in-depth in any topic,” she said during the interview. 

    She will be presenting her book, “Imperiled Reef,” at the Book Fair on Saturday, at 10 a.m. 

    Wasserman published her first book, Love of My Life: A Memoir, this past July, at the age of 94. Before retiring, she worked in the TV and writing industry. 

    Wasserman started journaling when she was 11 years old and now has volumes of journals that she has kept throughout the years. Her book is a collection of stories from several moments of her life. When asked why it took her so many years to publish her first book, she said it has been in the making for the past 20 years. 

    “I didn’t feel that I wanted to publish any of the others separately,” Wasserman said. “They didn’t seem to work by themselves. I think it really works together.”

    Wasserman’s interview for the Book Fair event was livestreamed on Nov. 16.

    Since 2008, Blow has worked as a columnist for the New York Times opinion section. Before holding that position, he worked as the paper’s graphics director for nine years and, during that time, led them to a best of show award for The Times’s information graphics coverage of 9/11.  

    Blow is the author of “The Devil You Know” and “Fire Shut Up in My Bones.”

    In the book “The Devil You Know,” he proposes that Black people reverse the Great Migration of the 20th century from South to North to gain controlling political power in the United States. 

    Blow’s interview for the Book Fair event was livestreamed on Nov. 15.

    Amys Serret is a journalism student at FIU. She is currently a senior and part of the Honors College. Her main interests are writing and potentially going into the organizational communications field.