New grads encounter issues with landing a job (includes video story)

Many new graduates are excitedly anticipating what the workforce has in store, but today’s job market may provide a rude awakening. 

Although jobs are at an all-time high, many graduates face issues with employment. The issue is not that there aren’t jobs; as of April 8, millions of jobs have been posted. The problem is that different fields have varying employment demands.  

“The numbers game is not really in your favor,” said Julia Pollak, chief economist of ZipRecruiter. “Jobs have become more competitive.”

To combat this issue, Pollak and Kory Kantenga, the head of economics for the Americas at LinkedIn, suggest knowing the industries that are hiring the most. Another strategy is working up to your dream job by starting with roles that may eventually lead there.

Retirements will increase in coming years, which should give these new grads their chance at the jobs they’ve been hoping for.  

Ashanti Germosen is a junior at FIU that is in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism. The passion for journalism is fueled by the drive to continue learning outside of an academic setting. She is recurrently a writer for the Afrikin foundation based in Miami centered around spreading the culture of the African diaspora. She also creates the social media post for the data analysis and CRM company Synergistix. She intends to broaden her scope by gearing her career toward spreading awareness of social injustice and embracing diverse cultures.