Festival-goers gather for Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance (includes video story)

The Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance returned to Virginia Key Beach & Park for the tenth time from March 6-12. There was camping, musical performances and workshops.

Local performers and bands such as Donna the Buffalo, The Resolvers and Rebel Love took to the stage as it ended this past weekend. Stage manager Chris Everson shared that he participates each year because it helps him “build community so that we can all thrive.”

The workshops available at the festival ranged from breathwork and yoga to Thai and deep tissue massage. Some attendees told the Caplin News that the beachfront campsite is their favorite experience. Others said that they came to stay up through the midnight hours and dance.

Each year, this festival provides a great opportunity for a change of pace, allowing the campers to slow down and enjoy life.

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