Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce hosted by FIU in Washington, D.C. (includes video story)

On May 22, Florida International University’s Washington, D.C. office hosted the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce for a legislative briefing on FIU’s Climate Technologies relevant to the pursuit of Economic Development Association (EDA) Climate Tech funding.

The event started at 4:30 p.m. with Carlos Becerra, associate vice president of the office of governmental relations at FIU in DC, explaining Miami’s pivotal role in shaping the future of resilient infrastructure. 

“We are here to advocate for research solutions,” said Becerra.

The program continued with Rita Teutonico, associate dean of research at FIU, showing the research she is conducting about the dangers of high water temperature. Through stationary sensors in the water, she tracks changes in oxygen and chlorophyll levels due to heat. 

Before ending the briefing, guests heard from other researchers about steps they have taken to help deal with Miami’s changing climate. Some have 3D printed coral reefs, while others have updated bridge designs based on recent hurricane force wind data.  

The event concluded with a rooftop reception that included food, drinks and a speech by FIU President Kenneth Jessell explaining the importance of saving these South Florida areas. 

“The restoration of Biscayne Bay and the preservation of the Everglades are on the top of the list, including our work in resilient infrastructure,” said Jessell. “Our scientists truly are working to solve these real world problems.” 

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce will be meeting with the Florida congressional delegation throughout the week to advocate for better climate technology, education, housing and transportation in South Florida.

Laura Palfrey is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in digital communication and media. After graduation, Laura hopes to pursue a television career as an NBC producer. She also enjoys photography, traveling, and watching movies.