Halloween parties can cost $2000 and more

Who would ever pay $500 or more for a Halloween party?

Luke Wryder, CEO of VIP Nightlife, hopes that hundreds – even thousands – of people will. 

VIP Nightlife, an international company that throws some of the most lavish parties in cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta, and San Francisco, is organizing a few of Miami’s biggest Halloween events this year, including the over-the-top Maxim Halloween Party at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. 

“We’re always trying to throw the great parties,” Wryder says.  “That’s why they are a little more expensive because there’s a lot included in the ticket.”

Early-bird tickets for the Fontainebleau bash were $169, but they’re gone and tickets now start at $275 plus fees and head skyward. Other VIP Nightlife events, like the W Miami’s Haunted Rooftop Party and the SeaFair Mega Yacht’s Angels and Demons Party, are less expensive but still glamorous. 

“Our brand is VIP Nightlife: we really take that to heart with a VIP experience,” says Wryder. “So we do like to have all-inclusive, with premium alcohols.” 

Extravagance isn’t the only appeal. Miami is a prime party spot right now. Not only is the atmosphere ideal, but the city also has a lot more freedom when it comes to COVID-19, because of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s limits on how much businesses can restrict customers.

Wryder says that for the most part, people are willing to follow the pandemic guidelines. However, with fewer mask and vaccine restrictions in Miami, partying is a lot easier. 

“Most things are opening up,” says Wryder. “But there’s still a lot of…mandates.” 

For tourists and residents alike, Miami is the perfect place to cut loose, and plenty of people are willing to invest a lot of money doing it.

Maxim’s least expensive ticket allows guests access to nearly every area of the event except for VIP cabanas and lounges, and to the open bar for four hours. 

The most expensive VIP tickets at $50,000 sold out, but the party website as of mid-October offered tickets for twice that — and they’re sold out, too.

These tickets allowed 20 guests to party the night away in the middle of Fontainebleau’s Oasis Pool, complete with access to all areas of the event, 12 bottles of alcohol and the chance to meet headlining DJs and performers, like rapper Future. 

The luxury at every party is the signature of the VIP Nightlife brand.

SeaFair Miami is hosting the Angels and Demons Party on Oct 30. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., guests can enjoy an open bar, panoramic views of South Beach, three areas with different types of music, and three of Miami’s top DJs, including DJ Aerial Assault.

“The Sea Fair is a $40 million yacht,” Wryder says. “There’s nothing quite like it.”   

With prices ranging from $165 to $2,895, there’s something for everyone on the water too. 

“We’re excited,” says Sacha Vrielnyck, director of sales and events at SeaFair Miami, saying that they expect 400 to 500 partygoers.  

Like the Maxim party, guests can upgrade their experience to include access to the SeaFair’s VIP lounges and decks, and of course, premium foods and liquor.

High prices don’t deter people when it comes to these events. 

“The fact that they’re charging it would make you believe that people are wanting to pay for it,” says Vrielnyck. 

Vrielnyck’s probably right.

The W Miami’s Haunted Rooftop Party with tickets ranging from $55 to $2,195 are already halfway sold out, Wryder says. 

Halloween is mostly just a fun reason for many to party. 

“People love Halloween, they can dress up,” says Wryder.  “I do call it ‘Ladies Night Out’; ladies love to dress up in costume and kind of ditch their guys for a night or have the guys come find them at the party.”

And with relaxed pandemic restrictions and amazing local color, Miami is the perfect place for high-end Halloween parties. 

“It’s become a very great destination place for people to go and enjoy themselves,” says Wryder. 


Elise Gregg is a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in criminal justice. Upon graduation, she would like to pursue a career covering international crime, particularly human rights violations and religious oppression around the world.