Haydee and Aime Garrote: extraordinary women and visual artists

March is Women’s History Month and as we celebrate, we reflect on prominent women’s contributions to society. 

Haydee Garrote is a Fashion Institute of Technology student with a growing photography business. She collaborates with her sister and go-to model, Aime. In addition to her modeling work, Aime has a growing YouTube channel.

Back in 2016, Haydee began to photograph her friends including some at the Miami Fashion Institute at Miami Dade College. Now, Haydee studies photography at F.I.T., where she learns the technical aspect of photography. She says “It’s fun because I get to learn about photography, I had never taken any photography classes before F.I.T.”

When it comes to inspiration for her photography sessions, Haydee says “I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram, i just follow so many people and I love visual inspiration, so seeing a bunch of pictures helps me all the time. If it’s my sister’s [social media for example, I’ll be inspired by how she likes to do her makeup and just go from there and build a concept out of it.”

To keep up with the Garrote sisters on social media, follow Haydee on Instagram as well as her photography website, and follow Aime on Instagram.

Correction: Due to an editing error, an earlier draft of this story incorrectly identified the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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