Heat waves cause rise in emergency room visits due to heat-related illnesses (includes video story)

Unprecedented heat waves have significantly increased emergency room visits due to heat-related illnesses, as reported by the CDC. This surge was particularly notable among men and adults aged 18 to 64.

Dr. Kevin Watkins from the Cleveland Clinic emphasized that extreme heat could impact nearly every body system if not managed properly. He pointed out that those most susceptible to severe heat illnesses, such as heat stroke, often include the elderly with underlying health issues and young children in unsafe environments.

One of the most prevalent heat-related illnesses is heat exhaustion, with symptoms like heavy sweating and cold and clammy skin. Dr. Watkins advises seeking immediate medical attention if these symptoms persist for more than an hour, worsen or if vomiting occurs.

Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related medical emergency, characterized by a body temperature of 103 degrees or higher, hot and dry or damp skin, loss of consciousness and other symptoms. The CDC strongly recommends calling 911 immediately when these symptoms are observed, as heat stroke can be life-threatening.

Melissa Krikler is majoring in digital broadcasting with an area of concentration in psychology. She wishes to continue her studies after to receive a master’s.