High stakes opinions are issued from the Supreme Court (includes video story)

The Supreme Court still has many high-profile cases to decide. Some could impact the 2024 elections. 

“Sometimes the cases where the justices are the most divided, are the ones that take them the longest to decide,” said Steve Vladeck, chair in federal courts at the University of Texas School of Law

The first opinion allowed the White House and federal agencies to continue urging social media platforms to remove misinformation, especially content from foreign agents aiming to disrupt U.S. elections. The 6-3 majority ruled that the challengers did not have standing to bring the case.

The second opinion, also with a 6-3 conservative majority, narrowed public anti-corruption laws by siding with a former Indiana mayor accused of accepting a bribe.

These decisions mean the Court will save some major rulings for the term’s final days. These include a ruling on Idaho’s strict abortion law, which seemingly leaked yesterday and seems to show some retrenchment on abortion laws, and former President Donald Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution for alleged criminal acts while in office.

Estefani Calandriello is a Junior majoring in Digital Communications and Media specializing in Broadcasting at Florida International University. She has a strong sense of enthusiasm and loves to travel and take pictures. Her desired job is to work in the entertainment industry.