How football helped a cancer survivor (includes multimedia content)

Football goes further than just tackling and sweaty jerseys. It is about brotherhood, working together to become the best team and helping your friends. The sport is a constant learning process, a dream for many. 

But there’s a world without football too, one where there are hard moments and difficult times, a world with cancer. There are occasions when your enemy is not wearing a jersey and it is not in front of you on the field, but next to you, inside your body, always present, a constant nightmare. 

The importance of little things in life, of appreciating the people around you, family and friends. That’s what football taught Omar Javier Cabrera and this is his story as a cancer survivor.

Listen to his story below.

Maider Aranguren is a junior majoring in journalism and communication at the University of the Basque Country in Spain who is currently studying at FIU as an exchange student. She has worked as a radio host and is now a content creator for a television program in Spain. She hopes to eventually become a news anchor.