Hundreds protest in Little Havana against the Cuban crackdown (includes video story)

Cuban exiles in Miami are taking the streets to protest the Communist-run government to allow more liberties.

As the government pressed to shut down protests held Monday, locals here pushed for the release of the hundreds of people in jail who have been arrested for protesting or having political opinions different than those of the government.

Cuban police and other officials cracked down on protest marchers on the island, claiming the movement was sparked by exiles and the U.S. government.

“There is no aspirin, there are no medications, kids don’t have vitamins, the elderly are dying because the government won’t help them, there is nothing on the island,” said a protester.  “Every day things get worse. “

Alejandra Garcia Elcoro is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Media and Journalism at Florida International University. With her passion and dedication, she will report vital stories that will leave an impact on her community.