Hurricane Henri left many New Englanders without power (includes video)

Tropical Storm Henri made landfall in the northeastern United States yesterday afternoon. The system made landfall in Rhode Island, downed power lines and destroyed homes. 

President Biden acknowledged the dangers of the storm. “This storm has the potential for widespread consequences across the country,”  he said.

Michael Russo, a local, started to prepare as soon as he heard the storm was coming. “We hunkered down,” he said. “We put all the stuff away that can blow away.”

Jamie Thoreaux was hit hard by the storm. The tree in his front yard was taken down by the strong winds and almost hit his home.

In Narragansett, Rhode Island, people finally began to leave their homes this morning, and businesses began to open. The streets were swelled with the red brake lights of many trying to find hot meals post-storm.

Local officials are currently still evaluating the damage and are recommending New Englanders shelter in place. Ever Source Energy, the electric provider in the area, announced power won’t be back for at least eight days and outages could last as long as three weeks. Grocery and hardware store shelves were empty after panic buying.

The federal government has pledged to send aid to assist in the recovery effort.

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