International Court of Justice deems Gaza unlivable due to Israeli attacks (includes video story)

The International Court of Justice has called the living situation in Gaza disastrous. Ever since Israel began targeting Gaza as a result of the October 7 attacks by Hamas, Palestinian civilians are subject to worsening living conditions as food, water, medicine and shelter become hard to find. 

Even if there’s shelter, the risks are still high. A home that belongs to a man named Issam is a twisted shell of concrete with tarpaulin for walls. He sleeps in what used to be the kitchen with his family and children. The ceiling is cracked and bulging, threatening to fall any time. Issam is unable to secure a tent for his family so staying in his dilapidated house is better than the alternative. 

An old schoolyard is home to around 100 families. Among them is Mohamed, who used to work as an engineer in Gaza City. He has been forced to move his family almost half a dozen times so far. Mohamed recently moved from Rafah, a place that used to be considered a “safe zone” by Israeli forces.

Mohamed points at his seven-month-old son as he asks, “Do you think he is Hamas?” Their only hope is one sentiment shared by all Gazans: for the end of the war. 

As the Israeli military invades Rafah, they now tell the displaced to move to a new “humanitarian zone” in Al Mawasi. However, aid groups call the area unfit for human habitation as waste piles high alongside makeshift shelters.

Israel’s military response to the October 7 attacks continues to be overwhelming for those trying to survive in Gaza. Israel insists it needs to destroy Hamas and secure the return of the remaining hostages. Yet, Hamas’ numerous attempts to return the hostages for a ceasefire fuels doubts about Israeli sincerity.

There is growing concern for the citizens on the ground in Gaza and their living situations. Many wonder how they will rebuild.

Natalie Pereira is a multimedia production student at Florida International University. She is passionate about film and creative content. Pereira was a social media manager for Hot Topic where she curated content for their page. She has experience making multimedia pieces about fashion. Pereira is also making active contributions to her passion for music by creating videos. Pereira will graduate from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism and Media with a bachelor’s degree in digital communication in Spring 2025.