Isolation: The social epidemic of Generation Z (includes documentary)

“Isolation: the Epidemic” is a project that explores the current state of the epidemic of social isolation that currently plagues Generation Z. 

In this documentary, we speak to three members of Generation Z to understand what isolation really means to them and how it affects their lives when it comes to making or maintaining relationships. We also bring in analysis from two experts who have worked first-hand on this topic. 

Many young people in the United States are affected by social isolation, giving way to the increased feeling of loneliness. Some who are affected can be unaware of its subsequent effects on their lives. Through this documentary, we aim to give a voice to the people affected by the silent epidemic of isolation and loneliness.

Ashanti Germosen is a junior at FIU that is in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism. The passion for journalism is fueled by the drive to continue learning outside of an academic setting. She is recurrently a writer for the Afrikin foundation based in Miami centered around spreading the culture of the African diaspora. She also creates the social media post for the data analysis and CRM company Synergistix. She intends to broaden her scope by gearing her career toward spreading awareness of social injustice and embracing diverse cultures.

Brian Diaz is a senior at FIU majoring in Digital Communication and Media with a strong focus on media production. Documentation and story production have led him to enjoy the ability to shape media to reach communities with powerful videography. After graduation, he is interested in becoming a live camera operator.

Julian Davis is a student at Florida International University, pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. Julian is Jamaican-American and is passionate about photography and the environment, always looking for a way to inspire others about the same. He currently works as a photographer for the school newspaper, PantherNOW. After graduation, Julian aspires to do investigative journalism focusing on environmental corruption.