KnoWhere Toys holds in-person Funko Fan Fest (includes video story)

KnoWhere Toys, Comics & Gaming is a family-owned and operated collectible store. It sells action figures, comic books, cards, movie props and Funko Pops.

KnoWhere appeals to collectors across South Florida not only for its wide range of collectibles, but for its events.

The Funko Fan Fest is an event for Funko Pop collectors. Every six weeks, people can bring their own collections to sell or trade. Funko Pops are vinyl figures and bobbleheads made by a Washington company. There are Disney figures, anime figures and many other kinds of characters. Some vendors have sales or raffles at their tables.

Creating a space that will bring the collecting community together has always been a passion for Tony Fernandez and his wife. 

“These stores, I’ve noticed, throughout the years have been disappearing,” said Fernandez. “We wanted to make sure we still had something in our area where people can purchase, touch and feel product, and collaborate with each other.”

The store, located on 7312 W 20th Ave., has two floors. Both follow safety guidelines. They enforce mask-wearing. Hand sanitizer is available inside the store. There are social distancing markers on the floor, and surfaces are regularly cleaned.

For a list of other events at the store, visit Knowhere’s website or Instagram page.

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