Lake Worth Street Painting Festival held virtually (includes video story)

The Street Painting Festival is typically held annually on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth. Thousands of people come together to celebrate artwork, artists and themselves. Many people visit from out of town and artists look forward to showcasing their work. Small businesses benefitted because their revenue increased dramatically. It was once a great time to come together, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it was cancelled this year.

Sponsors were able to host the event last year before a pandemic was declared worldwide. When it was held last month, they had to cancel the festival in person and transition it to online, since they would otherwise not able to function while abiding by safety protocols.

Small businesses had been hoping for an increase in revenue after a bad year. Business owners said the festival provided organic marketing during the busiest weekend of the year. Since the festival is a tradition among the residents of Lake Worth, some businesses are making a small festival of their own this year to try to make up for the loss.

However, people are surfacing with new ideas. They want to keep the spirit alive. Together, citizens are looking for ways to help each other during this unfortunate time.

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