Latin artist Rosalia’s shoe hints at a potential Nike collaboration (includes video story)

Latin artist Rosalia showed her followers a tutorial on turning her Airforce 1’s into espadrilles.

Rosalia is known for her unique streetwear fashion and nail art. The artist often mixes her own Spanish heritage with high-fashion clothing.

A new video shows Rosalia tying a satin ribbon around her ankle; the sneaker worn by the artist resembles the Stussy Air Force 1 ‘Low Fossil,’ a stitched nude fabric.

The Espadrille has been around for centuries. It has cultural roots in Catalonia, a region in Spain. The shoe was worn by soldiers and laborers in the region; it was also the signature shoe for Catalan dancers — ribbons were tied around the dancers’ ankles.

Many are speculating that the shoe is a soon-to-be Nike collaboration with the Latin artist.

Are you already thinking of an outfit to wear with these sneakers?

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