Through My Lens: Let’s talk cinema (includes audio story)

The “Through My Lens” podcast delves deeply into the film industry’s past glories, present struggles and future uncertainties. It focuses on key issues like the Screen Actors Guild strike, the rise of AI in filmmaking and the transformative impact of streaming services. Join us for expert interviews and thoughtful commentary on the evolving landscape of movies and TV.

Episode 1: The Changing Landscape

We sit down with Michelle Hung, Film Gate’s operations manager, who takes on the status of the film industry and the potential factors leading towards declining audience engagement. Film Gate Miami is a local non-profit dedicated to uplifting and supporting local filmmakers and creatives in all types of interactive media.

Episode 2: The Next Generation of Filmmakers 

We sat down with up-and-coming filmmaker Lucca Scalia, an After School Film Institute graduate. Scalia has won several high school film festival awards and has collaborated on short films with White Elephant Group. Listen to hear his thoughts on the amount of reboots, the role international films play in the American film industry, and how newer movies have more experimental stories.

Anna Trinidad is a senior majoring in digital journalism. She hopes that her dedication to multimedia projects will land her a career as a news anchor in the future.

Nathaly Dominguez is a junior majoring in journalism with a passion for the performing arts. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a career in entertainment media, allowing her to dissect pop-culture at the professional level.

Xiomara Arteaga is a dynamic journalist pursuing her Digital TV and Multimedia Production studies at Florida International University. Known for her kindness, creativity, and work ethic, Xiomara stands out as a dedicated and hardworking individual within her academic and labor community. With an intense passion for visuals and the arts, Xiomara is on a path to becoming a successful producer. Her deep commitment to the art of storytelling across various digital platforms proves her ultimate goal of bringing compelling narratives to life, fueling her determination to make a lasting impact on the industry and inspire others.


Kelly Cruz is a bilingual journalist at Florida International University who is passionate about the entertainment and sports industry. Cruz hopes to document the spirit of these dynamic fields from behind the camera. She enjoys crafting engaging narratives to elevate diverse voices in the community. Cruz will graduate with a bachelor's degree from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media in digital media and communication with a minor in hospitality in Summer 2025.


Allen Galindo is a journalist at the illustrious Florida International University who is passionate about writing and pursuing the truth. Galindo is a writer for Caplin News and hopes to become an anchor or on field reporter for a news outlet. He enjoys shedding light on topics that impact diverse and marginalized communities. Galindo will graduate Fall 2024 from Lee Caplin School of Journalism and Media in digital media with a concentration on political science and international relations.