Lidice Hernández Marcof, 48

Lidice Hernández Marcof, 48, is a veterinarian living in Batabanó, Cuba.

She and the other members of her household, which include her elderly parents, have been avoiding friends, other family members and neighbors since March.

In addition, she said she is the only person that leaves the house for necessities and has limited her trips to twice a week, at most. When she steps out the door, she wears a face mask and only travels by bicycle in order to avoid standing near others.

Hernández said Cuban officials are asking citizens to practice social distancing and those who experience any symptom need to see a doctor immediately.

After arriving back home, Hernández immediately washes her hands and changes into different clothing. She’ll wash the clothing she wore and leave it outside to get exposure from the sun. There is a tray with water and chlorine outside of her door to clean her shoes before entering her home.

Hernández said the facility that she works at has the same chemical formula on the floor to guard against contamination or any diseases and she felt it was necessary to add it to her home.

Full disclosure: Hernández is the writer’s cousin. 

Bianca Marcof is a journalism major at Florida International University. She is interested in multimedia reporting, but her favorite thing to do is write.