Little Haiti: Opportunity zones and climate gentrification (series with video stories included)

The new reality that Little Haiti and its residents face due to opportunity zones and climate gentrification is explored in a three-part series.

Part 1: Opportunity zones may doom Little Haiti
Recently, the controversial Magic City Innovation District was approved under the Opportunity Zone program.  Residents and activists criticized the plan and raised fears that Little Haiti residents would be pushed out as rents rise. This, they said, might harm local business owners and eventually transform the community.

Part 2: Climate gentrification in Little Haiti
Developers used to see Miami Beach as a perfect destination to invest, but now that paradise is threatened by sea-level rise, more flooding and damaging storms. For that reason, individuals are moving into historically lower-income areas that are located on higher ground like Little Haiti, causing a whole new type of gentrification.

Part 3: Climate gentrification in Little Haiti (continued)
Haitians in Miami are starting to become familiar with displacement. As sea levels rise, gentrification is becoming the new normal in this community. Residents have started to move out to neighborhoods such as North Miami, Miami Lakes and even Homestead. Little Haiti’s culture is starting to vanish.


Maria Raudez grew up in Nicaragua and now studies broadcast journalism at Florida International University. She is passionate about women’s rights and political news and she’s a firm believer that journalism is a key to developing democracy.