Living through art (includes podcast)

In the podcast series Living through ART, Elijah Pestana and various co-hosts engage in conversation about the importance of artistic disciplines to the community and personal expression.

Our hosts invite local creators from Miami, like Jonathan Castillo, a self taught DJ,Ernie Markers a graphic designer and Anthuan Rubio, an award-winning performer and content creator. Guests share their experiences and knowledge, then perform their latest works live.

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In the pilot episode of Living through ART, Jonathan Castillo, a self-taught DJ describes his creative process, relationship with music, and hopes for future DJs. Castillo’s stories are linked with records passed down from his father, Manuel,  which include the work of iconic disco and Latin artists like the Bee Gees, Chicago, Celia Cruz and Mark Anthony.

“Honestly, I could not have asked for a better childhood; loving parents, great friends or a joyful youth,” Castillo said.  “Music was just this golden ribbon that ties everything together and sent me on a very beautiful journey.” 

With time, music became his passion. A cousin introduced him toTiësto, and his parents bought him a gaming laptop so he could work professional software like ” Virtual DJ.”

These days Castillo believes that DJing is an art form.

“It’s not just pushing buttons,” he said. “You have to be aware of the crowd, learn music theory to a certain degree, and constantly be open to the sounds around you.”

In the second episode, graphic artist Ernie Markers describes his preferred drawing styles, the best cartoon and  anime shows, and his relationship with visual art. 

Markers, whose legal name is  Ernesto P. Carvajal, is a mixed-media artist and illustrator who was introduced to visual arts in elementary school. “I had art classes, and they introduced me to drawing different objects,” Markers said. “That’s where I got creative,”

He grew up watching cartoons and reading comics. Cartoons that he liked included  “Fairly OddParents” and “Tuff Puppy.” These led Ernine to draw his own cartoons and sketch as a pastime.

Erine works as an embroiderer at Inked Pro, a custom print shop in Allapattah, he loves that his job is based in visual art and creativity,

“My boss is also an artist, so he knows what it’s like to work 9 to 5 and work on art afterward,” Markers said.”

At the end of the workday, he draws a little and posts his commissioned work on social media.

In the future Einre sees himself as a full-time artist, developing designs both for himself and his clients. While he is perfecting his art and of course evolving it.

 He would like the opportunity to travel and meet different cultures and people, “So that my art can be seen all over the world, and leave a legacy for younger artists.”

Our episode concludes with Ernie creating a unique illustration live based on his experience in the podcast.

In the third episode, Emmy-winning content creator Anthuan Rubio shares the differences of  content creation and self branding, discusses fitness and social media trends, and talks about his relationship with production and performing arts. 

“We are all content creators in our lives in one way or another.” Anthuan Rubio said.

Rubio began discovering his fascination with the arts at 7. Once he was ready to perform them, he would call his mother and ask her to record him, making small tv novelas in his living room. 

His mother saw his desire for the performing arts and decided to enroll him in theater courses that changed his life forever. It was James Cameron’s Titanic that inspired Rubio to to work behind the camera and specialize in production. Since Rubio has experienced both sides: performance and production, he feels he can use all those skills together to create a unique brand as a content creator . 

Rubio is trending in social media as he works out while singing using his tenor voice he was also inspired by “Barry Hunks,” or baritone singers who are active in fitness.

 “I mean besides health reasons, who wouldn’t want to look good naked in the mirror,” Rubio explains in the interview.

The final episode concludes with Anthuan teaching our co hosts some fitness workouts that exercise the body while promoting breathing and operatic vocal training.

A Brazilian-American and Miami native, Elijah Pestana is pursuing his undergraduate degree in broadcast media and digital communication at FIU. He uses his knowledge within the performing arts, television , politics and higher education to pursue his deep passion for storytelling and entertaining others. He aspires to become a late-night talk show host, combining his gift of comedy and love for journalism to promote media literacy for future generations.

Born and raised in Florida, Kevin Fiol is American Cuban who involved himself in different acts, performances, and activities of the Fine Arts throughout high school. Fiol is currently working on is degree in computer networking to become a IT manager while learning about the latest advancements in the growing world of technology.

Johnathan Garcia is currently a student in FIU pursuing music/music business. After getting his degree, he plans to explore the world of entertainment through the performing arts and music production.

Alejandro has had a love for music since elementary school, following his passions, Alejandro joined Hialeah Senior High School's marching band to further expand his knowledge in music. Currently Alejandro plays his saxophone as a hobby and is pursuing a degree in legal studies and criminal justice in Grand Canyon University. Alejandro aspires to go into law school and work as a defense attorney.