Local artist Brandon Rosabal makes custom pieces from home

Some artists express themselves through one medium, but not Brandon Rosabal. His style is very broad, and his passion for trying new things in chalk, paint or spray paint gives him a first class understanding of art.

“When you start doing these different styles, you really get to understand how different art is in these different ways,” said Rosabal. “The techniques to each painting style are very different and needs to be understood over time.” 

Rosabal, who was born in Miami, credits his father for teaching him how to draw as a child. He has been painting ever since. He is currently working from home to better his skills.

Rosabal enjoys taking on a new challenge and picking up new tools. He’s inspired by his emotions and what he wants to express in a painting.

“Being able to do something that’s off the normal is what excites me,” said Rosabal.

He has made everything from custom skate decks to custom canvases. He displays his art on Instagram under the username southside acrylics.

“I really just like to have people enjoy my art,” said Rosabal, “enjoy it just like how I do.”

Justin Mendiola is majoring in communications, with a specialization in journalism. He was an ambassador for the Miami Marlins for four years and loves the visual arts.