D.C. restaurant hosts quake relief fundraiser for Turkey and Syria (includes video story)

After an earthquake devastated parts of southern Turkey and northern Syria killing more than 41,000 people and leaving thousands more without food, water, or shelter, efforts are underway in the United States to help.

Meze, one of DC’s first Turkish-Mediterranean restaurants, hosted an earthquake and relief fundraiser in hopes of raising $5000.

Meze owner Suleyman Gunes has already donated three days of revenue, a total of $15,500, to earthquake relief efforts and hopes this next fundraiser will get more support from locals. 

“The damages are very big, so we try to help from overseas,” said Gunes. 

The Syria relief and development non-profit organization partnered with Meze to raise money for medical kits, tents, a mobile clinic, and much more.

South Floridians can help by donating to Miami-based organizations like the Global Empowerment Mission and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

Sabrina Beguiristain is a Florida International University student majoring in digital journalism. She is passionate about both visual and auditory media such as broadcasting and podcasts. In the near future, Sabrina hopes to produce creative forms of news to emphasize events and stories that should be shared.