Local organizations work to increase voter turnout (includes video story)

Voter outreach organizations work tirelessly to not only encourage people to go out and vote, but to educate voters on issues, candidates, and their rights as voters. There are thousands of these organizations across the country, with many that have local chapters in Miami-Dade County.

In an interview with SFMN, Maysie Buchheister, a student fellow with Engage Miami, spoke about the work her organization does and the importance of encouraging civic engagement.

“Engage Miami is a local non-partisan non-profit organization that has two main focuses of voter engagement, especially in youth ages, and also advocacy throughout the community to bring people together and to educate people on voting and different candidates,” she says.

With the 2022 midterm election over, many organizations are now taking a look at what they can do better. 

Madison Berndt, President of the League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, expressed her concern for the low voter turnout in Miami-dade this election, “To be honest it was very disappointing, the voter turn out in Miami Dade was about 46% and in 2018 it was like 57%, so it is disappointing to know that less than half of registered voters are going out to vote and that’s where I say we take a step back and we look at our strategy and we say how do we reach out to that 50% of the population and see why they’re not voting and then how do we work with them.”

For more information, voters can visit their local county website or they can search for voter organizations in their areas such as Engage Miami or the League of Women Voters to learn how they can get involved and informed on voting.

Victoria Duran is an FIU student majoring in Marketing and Interactive+Digital Media at Florida International University. She is passionate, creative, and hopes to pursue a career in the marketing industry.