Maduro ally Alex Saab is arrested and Venezuela jails U.S. citizens (includes video story)

Five U.S. citizens and one permanent resident were imprisoned in Venezuela Tuesday, only hours after Alex Saab, a businessman close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, was extradited from Cape Verde to the United States.

The group is known as the Citgo 6 because they are all former executives of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation who have been accused of wrongdoing and were on house arrest.

Many in the Venezuelan opposition say this is nothing more than a retaliatory move for Alex Saab’s extradition from Cape Verde to the United States.

Saab is a Colombian businessman, who is close to Maduro. He appeared in a Florida court after being indicted for money laundering and fraud.

The Venezuelan government is allegedly protesting his extradition because it means one of President Maduro’s closest confidants may be available for interrogation by U.S authorities.

Alejandra Garcia Elcoro is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Media and Journalism at Florida International University. With her passion and dedication, she will report vital stories that will leave an impact on her community.