“Malcolm and Marie,” which debuts today, was shot in The Caterpillar House (includes video story)

Today the new film “Malcolm and Marie” will be streaming on Netflix. It was written and directed by Sam Levinson, who created the HBO teen drama series, “Euphoria.”

Levinson started writing “Malcolm and Marie” after production of “Euphoria” halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With safety cautions put in place, he rounded up “Euphoria” star Zendaya and “Tenet” star John David Washington to shoot the film in the Carmel, California “Caterpillar house,” an environmentally conscious glass architectural home.

“He had a few ideas, and you know we bounced things back and forth,” recalled Zendaya. “He finally had this one kind of concept, and he laid it out. I was immediately like, yes!”

John David Washington got assistance from his friends and family in the industry when playing a young filmmaker in Hollywood.

“I’ve taken all these experiences from my coworkers, from my parents and their experience in the business,” said Washington, “their relationship, and love for the industry.”

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